I'm Going to Miss You, New York

But I think its time for us to part ways for a little while.

I'm not going to lie and say that my heart has been here for the past few years. I've been restless and relentless about wanting to uproot myself that it has gotten to the point of no return (no ironic pun intended). I am moving to Los Angeles next month, and not sure when I'll be returning yet.

If there is one regret I've constantly heard over and over from my friends and family older than me, it is usually that they wished they had lived somewhere different, outside their comfort zone. As I start my mid-twenties, I feel that there is not a more appropriate time to do this adventure as there is definitely not a right time to do any of this. You just go. 

But for now, I will be packing up my life here to start a new one there. I know there will be times of homesickness and longing, but that is all a part of the experience. As humans, we definitely owe it to ourselves to keep growing and expanding and making amazing memories - life is short after all. Might as well make it worthwhile with good stories to be able to tell later on. And while I'm not making this out to be a spiritual thing, I will have to admit that I wasn't at my happiest in the past couple of years. Knowing this, realizing this, made me learn the hard way that if you know you're in a bad situation, the only person who can change the dynamics and change the situation is you.

Hopefully being away on my own will allow me to grow into a stronger, happier, more independent, nicer (yes -- my mom and sister will agree to this) person and allow me to realize later on that there is no place like home. I want to come back and I know I will come back.