For a really long time, I have thought about what this blog was going to be or what was it going to become. I bought this domain back in 2011 and it has been literally sitting around the Internets since then. I think I started over thinking something that has always come naturally to me. The truth is that I love blogging, and I've been in this game since 2003 (on xanga mostly and numerous other platforms with many different usernames). I was too concerned with the overall vibe and the competitiveness of "professional blogging" nowadays that I stepped back and really asked myself, "who cares?". So while I'll keep everything from before on here, I'm going to consider this a reset and a restart. 

pixelfood is meant to be my (semi-public) diary, a record of all things I love and do, especially since I recently just made a huge move from NYC to LA this past May. From my experiences to my shopping, to my eating, to my traveling, to my training for my first half-marathon (!!), to everything nerd-tastic in between (to those who really know me), I want to document it all here. These are my mid/almost-late 20's, and I want to remember all the big and small moments, trends, and things I am/was into. And no, this is not your typical, "I just broke up with NYC and moved to LA" kind of thing either. 

Through this, wherever it goes or ends up, I hope that I'll be able to find any tips, suggestions, or recommendations for anything that goes on here, be it from NYC or LA, or anything in the middle (or out of the country!).