Echo Mountain

Last weekend, a few of my good friends and I woke up at the crack of dawn to hike halfway up to Echo Mountain in Altadena. I've never seen a more breathtaking view than I've ever had in my life - we were literally climbing above the clouds and hearing our voices beyond the canyons (thus, the name). Thank you Becca for organizing this, and to Lisa and Peter for picking me up and feeding me such a decadent brunch in Pasadena. We ended just talking for hours at AU79 Teahouse. All before 12 PM. As it goes for most of my weekends ... I hate waking up early, but I love doing all of this early. It feels so great to get early workouts in on a Saturday morning; I feel like I've accomplished a lot more - it also sets for a good mood for the rest of the day! So when's our next one guys? 

Los Angeles Winters

This past Sunday I woke up at 7AM (I don't think I've slept in for the past several months) and took a more or less planned trip, an hour and a half down the Pacific Coast Highway with my friend Carmen. After spending a couple of hours at a meeting in Dana Point, we decided to just spend the rest of the afternoon driving around Orange County. We indulged in some amazing fish tacos and cocktails at Bear Flag, soaked up the sun at Newport Pier, and took a drive to snack at my favorite mochi ice cream spot, Mochilato.

Vitamin D is real. Being both transplants from New York City, we came to a realization yesterday that this was probably the most time we've both ever stayed outside in general. Aside from being in the office half the time, a lot of my extra time is literally spent outside. Whether it's running, hiking, or just hanging out - the winter and the weather in California is way too contagious to not enjoy or appreciate. Needless to say that I'm so over the cold, snowy winters of the east coast. 

of light, of being, of love.

Back in June, I remember asking her what was the best thing that has happened to her in the past year. Her answers led to a beautiful, sunny, and graphic shoot throughout the streets of LA's Chinatown. 


Thank you again to my amazing cousin for being my model on that hot Sunday. All shot with my Canon 7D and a 50mm 1/.4.