Makoto Shinkai

“I probably just want to leave a trace of myself behind in this world.” 

Makoto Shinkai is one of my favorite directors. His art, story, cinematography, and production quality is simply out of this world that sometimes I find myself watching the backgrounds of his movies more than the actual subject(s). His approach to an "everyday" situation in which most of his films are based on is always done in a tasteful, sophisticated way so much that it does not succumb to being cliche or even cheesy. What I love most about his work is that he is always able to bring an animated realism to moments that would simply pass us by, moments that we often take for granted. 

Indulge yourselves in some of my favorite pieces he has done. I am not going to lie, I can watch these films over and over and over again ... 

Are You Going To Fall in Love With Me?

I've been on a movie kick lately and I've been happy to have been watching a couple of beautiful films lately, as you've seen below with 'Her', and now (about two years late), 'The Flowers of War'. I'm actually not a huge Christian Bale fan, but this movie won me over with his and every actor's performance. I really love films and I didn't think this one would have resonated with me that much ... and the reason for that is, well I think you would need to watch it for yourself. 

"When this war is over, I'm going to find you. And I'm taking you home."

"No. After tonight, my body will not belong to me anymore. Take me home now."


“It’s like I’m reading a book. And it’s a book I deeply love. But I’m reading it slowly now. And the words are really        far         apart and the spaces between the words are almost infinite. I can feel you. And the words of our story. But it’s in this endless space between the words that I’m finding myself now. It’s a place that’s not of the physical world. It’s where everything else is that I didn't even know existed. I love you so much. But this is where I am now. And I need you to let me go. As much as I want to, I can’t live your book anymore.”


What an amazing, sad, beautiful movie.